Barium Ion Transport in High Pressure Xenon Gas using RF Carpets

16 Jul 2019, 11:30
Ball Room (McGill University)

Ball Room

McGill University

Thomson House 3650 McTavish Montreal, Quebec, H3A 1Y2 Canada


Katherine Woodruff


A background-free measurement of neutrinoless double beta decay can be achieved
with the detection of the daughter nucleus. Methods to image the daughter
barium ion in the decay of xenon-136 are being developed for use in high
pressure gas time projection chambers by the NEXT collaboration. A major
remaining challenge is the transport of the barium ion to a small imaging
region within the detector. In this talk I will discuss the plans for testing
RF carpet performance in high pressure gas, early simulation results, and
experimental tests of RF high voltage behavior in high pressure systems. I will
also discuss our studies of ion drift properties in DC fields in high pressure

Primary author

Katherine Woodruff

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