The ELI-IGISOL radioactive ion beam facility at ELI-NP

16 Jul 2019, 10:00
Ball Room (McGill University)

Ball Room

McGill University

Thomson House 3650 McTavish Montreal, Quebec, H3A 1Y2 Canada


Dr Paul Constantin (ELI-NP (Romania))


The Extreme Light Infrastructure for Nuclear Physics (ELI-NP) facility will make available in the near future two new photon installations: a high-power laser system and a high-brilliance gamma beam system, which can be used together or separately.
The ELI-IGISOL project [1] will use the primary gamma beam to generate a Radioactive Ion Beam (RIB) via photofission in a stack of Uranium targets placed at the center of a gas cell [2]. The particular technology used for this gas cell is the High Areal Density with Orthogonal extraction Cryogenic Stopping Cell (HADO-CSC) [3] featuring ion extraction orthogonal to the primary beamline. The gas cell is coupled to a radio-frequency quadrupole for beam formation. The exotic neutron-rich nuclei will be separated, and their mass measured, by a high-resolution Multiple-Reflection Time-of-Flight (MR-ToF) mass spectrometer. The isomerically pure RIBs [4] obtained with the MR-ToF will be further measured by a β-decay tape station and a collinear laser spectroscopy station.
The latest developments in the simulation and design of the gas cell are presented. We report benchmark calculations of the production rates and of the extraction time and efficiency from the gas cell. Starting from these studies, the optimal design of the cell and its state-of-the-art technologies is discussed. Various testing units for the HADO-CSC components that are being developed at ELI-NP will be presented.

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Primary authors

Dr Paul Constantin (ELI-NP (Romania)) Prof. Dimiter Balabanski (ELI-NP (Romania)) Dr Timo Dickel (GSI, Giessen University (Germany)) Dr Mihai Merisanu (ELI-NP (Romania)) Mr Dragos Nichita (ELI-NP (Romania)) Dr Wolfgang Plass (GSI, Giessen University (Germany)) Mr Adrian Rotaru (IFIN-HH (Romania)) Prof. Christoph Scheidenberg (GSI, Giessen University (Germany)) Mrs Anamaria Spataru (ELI-NP (Romania), GSI (Germany)) Mr Alexandru State (IFIN-HH (Romania))

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