9-12 February 2021
Virtual Meeting
America/Toronto timezone

Numerical Loop-Integration Methods for Finite Temperature Effects in QCD Sum Rules

9 Feb 2021, 16:45
Virtual Meeting

Virtual Meeting

QCD and Hadrons


Siyuan Li (University of Saskatchewan)


Thermal field theory is the extension of quantum field theory to a non-zero temperature environment and is achieved by modifying the propagators in loop integrations represented by Feynman diagrams. The program package pySecDec is designed to numerically calculate dimensionally-regularized loop integrals in quantum field theory using the sector decomposition approach. It is shown how pySecDec can be applied to thermal field theory numerical calculation using modifications within the Matsubara formalism. Using the formulated algorithm, a 2-point correlation function (such as those occurring in QCD correlation functions) at finite temperature can be numerically calculated for a variety of spacetime dimensions. The topologies of the Feynman diagrams that the algorithm is targeting would occur in QCD sum rules.

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Primary authors

Siyuan Li (University of Saskatchewan) Dr Tom Steele Dr Derek Harnett

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