9-12 February 2021
Virtual Meeting
America/Toronto timezone

Beam Asymmetry in $\gamma$p $\rightarrow$ $\eta$ $\Delta^+$ at GlueX

12 Feb 2021, 13:45
Virtual Meeting

Virtual Meeting

QCD and Hadrons


Varun Neelamana (University of Regina)


The photo-production mechanism used in the GlueX experiment by impinging an 8.2-8.8 GeV linearly polarized photon beam on a liquid hydrogen target allows the mapping of light mesons in unprecedented detail with particular interest in exotic meson candidates. Polarization observables such as beam asymmetry $\Sigma$, extracted from azimuthal ($\phi$) angular distributions between the meson production plane and the polarized photon beam, help in understanding production mechanisms via t-channel quasi-particle exchange processes using Regge theory. We report preliminary results on the beam asymmetry measurements for $\eta$ in $\gamma$p $\rightarrow$ $\eta$ $\Delta^+$. The reaction $\gamma$p $\rightarrow$ $\eta$ $\Delta^+$ provides an opportunity for validation of previous $\eta$ asymmetry measurements and theoretical calculations. Ensuring that exchange mechanisms are understood is a crucial ingredient to the establishing of new photoproduced light meson states.

email address vnv724@uregina.ca
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Primary authors

Varun Neelamana (University of Regina) Mr Jonathan Zarling (University of Regina) Zisis Papandreou (University of Regina)

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